Local Asterisk leaders are preparing for the 2016 Asterisk Community Conference & Expo at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton on 16 and 17 February.  This event seeks to promote Asterisk in Africa by bringing together local experts and international guests from the cutting edge of Asterisk development and integration.

The conference will be rich with content for Asterisk software developers, Digium's channel and technology partners, call centre specialists and business users from small companies to large corporates.

Here are some great reasons why you should be attending the 2016 Asterisk Community Conference & Expo!

  • Network with other like-minded attendees; learn from their experiences and share ideas and solutions
  • Listen to Digium’s Asterisk Community Director, David Duffett, present the keynote address
  • Engage with key international personalities and experts in the Asterisk community
  • Discover what the leading local Asterisk players have to offer in terms of technology and skills, as you contemplate an Asterisk solution at your business
  • Learn the basics of setting up an Asterisk PBX with the Asterisk 1-2-3 course presented by Digium’s training manager
  • Qualify as an Asterisk professional by writing the dCAP exam at the conference
  • Focus on one of the three streams of Asterisk content that you can choose from; Case Studies, Technical or Products

Alongside the conference, delegates will have the opportunity to visit leading VoIP and Asterisk product vendors on the Expo floor for hands-on interaction with the latest technology.


Top sponsors and exhibitors include:

Platinum Sponsors

  • Connection Telecom
  • Clarotech Consulting

Silver Sponsors

  • Bitco
  • Evenflow
  • Loway (QueueMetrics product)
  • Nology
  • Teleforge
  • Xenialab (xCally product)


If you are a part of the Asterisk Community or involved in VoIP telephony, you don’t want to miss the 2016 Asterisk Community Conference & Expo!  Register now on the official website.


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